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A Couple Cool Things Courtesy of WordPress’ Blog Stats February 25, 2009

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First of all, there’s a weird quirk with our view statistics – we’ll have one day with 15 views and the next day with 2 … and this is a repeated pattern, sustained almost perfectly throughout our existence, which began January 27th, blog-wise.

Secondly, our most viewed post/page is Contacts and Calendar, then Emotional Responses, then the Welcome Post.  Interesting – the earliest posts have had the most time to gain views, I suppose.

Our main referrers (sites which link to us) have been a wordpress search for posts tagged Carleton, and something called Condron.us, which seems to produce random blogs every 6 seconds for your perusal.  If anyone knows this better, let me know.  Seems awesome, and like something I should definitely NOT remember if I hope to ever get work done.  Others include my admissions blog, our class’ Moodle site, and a wordpress search for “gay and lesbian” (lots of searches are on this list, but the two above are the biggest).

The most exciting stat, though is Search Engine Terms – what people Google to find us.  Carleton out on the streets is a big one, predictably.  The cool thing?  4 out of the top 5 Google results are either links to this blog, an event we have planned, or a link to my admissions blog, which talks about, and links to, this blog.  The next two are “figures facts on homelessness,” and “Minnesota youth advancement act.”  For the facts figures one, we are nowhere in the top … 50?  something like that, so people are really searching.  For the MYAA, however, Ruth’s post “A Fragmented System of Organizations” is the third independent result.

That’s super exciting that our little blog has gotten so high on Google – now if only more people would search those terms and then click our link …

How did you find us, if you’re not just in our Political Science class?



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