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Mobilization and Framing February 18, 2009

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So we have finally gotten to the point in our movement where we have actual dates and times for activities.  We have scheduled a volunteer day for the Saturday of 8th weekend and we are now working on organizing transportation and the other organizational details.  We had someone who volunteered to speak at Carleton as well, however they have not been in contact with us and so we have not been able to confirm.  Our original goal was to focus most out activities in one week; so in preparation for volunteering we booked a table is Sayles and plan to start our letter writing campaign to support the Minnesota Runaway and Homeless Youth Act.  Now that we have activities we face the challenge of selling in to the Carleton community.

To start, of course, we need to advertise so people know these activities are happening.  Carleton offers many ways to get information and event dates out to students: the NNB, the all-campus emails, and centrally located postering opportunities.  I also plan to email existing Carlton groups that might have an interest in our topic: the GSC, MPIRG, and maybe WHOA.  One of the advantages of having activism on a college campus is we have these communication resources available to us, however though we have all these resources we have to compete with the myriad of other activities and issues at Carleton.  How can we present this issue in a way that will make students willing to sacrifice a part of their Saturday to come up to the cities; what will make them willing to sign a letter or call their representative as we table; and, if we have a speaker, what will make them willing to sacrifice a Monday or Tuesday night to hear them speak?

Our goal is to make students notice not just our events, but also our issue.  In order to achieve this we would like to start with some posters.  Our plan is to have a few different posters around campus that begin with, “DID YOU KNOW” and then are followed by some fact about LGBT Homeless youth.  We simple posters with little text that people can read as they walk by, but that have a message.  The goal being that when they see our ads for a speaker, volunteering, and letter writing they will be more likely to stop and take notice.  My psychology professor would call this priming.

We also want to convince people that something like going to a speaker, writing a letter, or volunteering once can make a difference.  I have found that if people feel like what they will be doing will not help anyone then the probably will not participate, and of course on the reverse, increased efficacy leads to increased participation.  I have talked to people in the organization we contacted that are very excited that we want to help support the MN Runaway and Homeless Youth Act and have assured me that some letter writing and a few calls could go a long way, so while we still have to convince Carleton students of the same thing, this is a start.  Convincing people to volunteer may be more difficult because it is a greater donation of time, however we are not trying to recruit as many people to participate in the volunteer work and hopefully we can use the social networks at Carleton to convince people already interested in these sort of issues to come a long and bring their friends.  But even to recruit these people, we still need to make the not-particularly-glamorous volunteer work sound a like a good use of time.  We probably will not really be interacting with the kids at the shelter because unless there is some sort of organized activity just socializing often makes the kids uncomfortable which is obviously not what we want.  Instead we will probably be helping sort through the clothes that are donated to the shelter.  It is something the shelter needs but might not be something that will inspire people to action.  I have never really tried to organize people that were not already interested in an organization and I am very interested to see how it goes.




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